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If you are a double glazing business owner, you cannot underestimate the importance of having a well designed landing page which is optimised for conversions. This is the key difference between having a website visitor who leaves within a few seconds and a potential customer who is ready to engage with your brand.


The single focus of a landing page is to convert your web traffic into leads, and ultimately, customers. For any double glazing business owner, this means capturing the interest of homeowners looking for a top quality product and service. When competing in such a saturated market, your landing page must convey your unique value and persuade visitors to take the next step.


To ensure you stand out in the competitive market of the double glazing industry, we will delve into the key elements that make a landing page not just good, but great. By the end of this blog, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to create a landing page that not only attracts visitors but also converts them into loyal customers.


Element #1: A compelling headline


Your headline is the first thing visitors see when they land on your page, and it plays a critical role in grabbing their attention. In the crowded double glazing market, a compelling headline can make your business stand out and keep visitors interested long enough to explore further.


A headline serves as a promise to your visitors. It tells them what they can expect from your landing page and why they should stay, which can significantly increase the time visitors spend on your page, reducing bounce rates and setting the stage for high-quality conversions.


So, how do you craft the best headline for your landing page?


Be Clear and Direct – Remember, you’re talking to human beings – who are most likely very busy, so avoid vague or overly complex language. Your headline should clearly communicate the main benefit or unique selling proposition (USP) of your services. For example, “Upgrade Your Home with Premium Double Glazing” is more effective than “Discover Our Services.”


Highlight the Benefit – Providing value  is key, so focus on what the visitor will gain. Use language that speaks directly to their needs and desires. For instance, “Reduce Energy Bills with High-Efficiency Windows” highlights a clear benefit and savings.


Use Powerful Words – Incorporate strong, action-oriented words that evoke emotion and urgency. Words like “Transform,” “Discover,” “Upgrade,” and “Exclusive” can make your headline more compelling.


Here’s some examples of compelling headlines, why not save these for later?


  • “Enhance Your Home with Premium Double Glazing Solutions”
  • “Energy-Efficient Windows That Save You Money”
  • “Secure and Stylish: The Best Double Glazing for Your Home”
  • “Transform Your Home’s Appearance with Modern Double Glazing”
  • “Exclusive Double Glazing Offers – Limited Time Only”


By focusing on clarity, benefits, and powerful language, you can craft a headline that captures attention and encourages visitors to stay and explore your landing page. Remember, your headline is the gateway to your content, so make it count!


Element #2: Provide clear value


We have already touched upon this, but we’re going to say it again – providing value is key. Your value proposition should be the heart of your landing page, as it communicates why visitors should choose your double glazing services over your competitors. A strong value proposition can turn curious visitors into interested leads and, ultimately, satisfied customers.

So, what value should you provide? This could be anything from how your product or service solves customers’ problems or improves their situation, delivers specific benefits, or tells the ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition. As a double glazing business owner, you can discuss key benefits such as energy efficiency, increased security, aesthetic enhancement, and cost savings.

Here are some examples to inspire you:

“Cut Your Energy Bills by Up to 40% with Our Energy-Efficient Double Glazing”

“Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Our Modern Double Glazed Windows”

“Experience Year-Round Comfort with Our Insulated Double Glazing”

“Affordable, High-Quality Double Glazing with a Lifetime Guarantee”

By highlighting specific advantages and making your proposition stand out, you can effectively persuade potential customers to choose your business over the competition.


Element #3: High Quality Visuals


It’s important to remember that a landing page is nothing without being visually appealing. High-quality visuals are essential for capturing the attention of your visitors and conveying the benefits of your products effectively. They are a powerful tool in capturing and retaining the attention of your visitors. For double glazing companies, this means showcasing your products through high-quality images and videos. They can can convey complex information in an easy-to-understand format and are more engaging than text alone. 

For example, displaying before-and-after photos to visually demonstrate the transformation that double glazing can bring to a home. You can also incorporate engaging videos that explain the benefits of double glazing, demonstrate installation processes, or feature customer testimonials. 

If you want to take it one step further, consider investing in a 360-degree view element, or virtual tours of your products. These interactive tools will allow potential customers to explore your offerings in great detail, enhancing their understanding and interest before they’ve even spoken to you. 

Remember, visuals are often the first impression visitors get, so make sure they are professional, relevant, and optimised for the best user experience. You have the opportunity to maintain a consistent brand look and feel throughout the page, using your brand colours, fonts, and imagery style to create a cohesive experience.


Element #4: User Friendliness


A visually appealing landing page is only effective if it is easy to navigate. A user-friendly design ensures that visitors can find the information they need quickly and without frustration. Here are key elements to consider:


Responsive Design – With many users accessing websites from smartphones and tablets rather than a desktop, a responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes is crucial. To ensure this is the case, make sure to test your page on various devices to ensure a consistent experience.


Simple Navigation – This might seem obvious, but it’s something a lot of landing pages miss the mark on. Ensure all links and buttons are clearly labelled and functional across the page, making it easy for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for.


Clean Layout – Design your landing page with a clean, uncluttered layout that naturally guides visitors through the content. Avoid bombarding them with excessive information all at once. Instead, break the content into sections with clear headings and plenty of white space. 


Readability & Accessibility – Use large, readable fonts and maintain a high contrast between the text and background. This improves readability and ensures that your message is accessible to all visitors, including those with visual impairments.


Element #5: Strong CTA 


A strong call-to-action is the key part of directing your website visitors towards the next step, converting their interest into action. Whether your goal is to get them to request a quote, schedule a consultation, or contact your sales team, a well-crafted CTA will tell them exactly what you want them to do. Here are some tips on how to do this effectively:


Be Clear and Direct – Use straightforward language that leaves no room for ambiguity. Phrases like “Get Your Free Quote,” “Schedule a Consultation,” or “Request a Callback” clearly state what the visitor should do next.

Highlight Benefits – Once again, it’s essential to emphasise what the visitor will gain by taking action. For example, “Save on Energy Bills – Get a Free Quote Today” combines the action with a direct benefit, making the offer more appealing.

Create Urgency – Encourage immediate action by adding a sense of urgency. Phrases like “Limited Time Offer,” “Book Now and Save,” or “Only a Few Slots Left” can prompt visitors to act quickly and follow through with their action.

Strong Visibility – Ensure your CTA stands out visually. Use contrasting colours, larger fonts, and strategic placement to draw attention – your CTA needs to be prominent and easy to find without scrolling.

Why not use one of these examples, to kick-start your landing page?


“Get Your Free Quote Today”: Encourages visitors to take the first step towards purchasing by offering a no-obligation quote.

“Book a Free Home Consultation”: Invites visitors to schedule a personal consultation, making the process more tangible and accessible.

“Request a Callback in 30 Seconds”: Promises quick engagement, appealing to visitors who want immediate assistance.

“Download Our Free Double Glazing Guide”: Provides valuable information in exchange for contact details, helping to nurture leads.

#6 Add multiple ways to convert


To maximise conversions on your double glazing landing page, you should provide multiple ways for visitors to get in touch with you. Different customers have different preferences for communication, so offering a variety of options ensures that everyone can connect in a way that suits them best. Why not consider one of the below?


Click-to-Call Floating Buttons

Implementing click-to-call buttons is an effective way to facilitate direct communication with potential customers, especially those browsing on mobile devices. These buttons allow visitors to instantly call your business with a single tap, making it convenient for them to ask questions or schedule consultations. 

Live Chat

With the rise of AI and it becoming smarter and smarter, chatbots can handle initial inquiries and provide instant responses, ensuring that no visitor leaves your site without the information they need. Live chat can also escalate to human agents for more complex questions, providing a seamless customer service experience.

Contact Forms

Traditional contact forms remain a staple on landing pages. Ensure your forms are easy to find and simple to fill out. Collect essential information only to avoid overwhelming visitors. Highlight the benefits of submitting the form, such as receiving a free quote or scheduling a home consultation.


Some consumers prefer texting over calling or emailing, so offering click-to-message options for SMS and WhatsApp provides a direct and convenient way for visitors to communicate with your business. This convenience can enhance the user experience and increase the likelihood of converting visitors into leads, as they’re able to use their preferred messaging app. 

Facebook Messenger Integration

By having a Facebook Messenger integration on your landing page, this will allow visitors to contact you via a platform they likely already use and most importantly, trust. Messenger can handle messages, send automated responses, and follow up with potential customers, providing a familiar and user-friendly communication channel.


#7 Automated Responses


We have already touched upon this, but we cannot stress the benefits of having automated response options within your landing page. Automated responses ensure that potential customers receive immediate feedback, keeping them engaged and reducing the chances of them seeking services elsewhere – as well as saving you precious time. 

These immediate responses to any incoming enquiries helps with:

Improving Response Times: Visitors receive instant acknowledgment, which can increase satisfaction and trust.

Maintaining Engagement: Quick responses keep visitors engaged, reducing the risk of them leaving your site due to lack of immediate support.

Handling Common Questions: Automated systems can provide answers to frequently asked questions, freeing up your team to handle more complex questions – whilst building trust.




Creating a high-converting landing page for your double glazing business involves focusing on several key elements. From crafting a compelling headline and clear value proposition to utilising high-quality visuals and user-friendly design, each component plays a crucial role in capturing and retaining visitor interest. 

By implementing these strategies, you can enhance the user experience on your landing page, build trust with potential customers, and ultimately increase your conversion rates. Remember, your landing page is often the first impression potential customers will have of your business, so it’s worth investing the time and effort to make it as effective as possible.

Ready to transform your landing page? Contact us today to get started!


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