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Google Ads: The David vs. Goliath of the Digital Marketing World


Engaging with Google Ads often feels like a daunting endeavour, akin to stepping into a boxing ring with a heavyweight champion when you’re barely a lightweight contender. Can your home improvement business resonate with this underdog feeling?

The problem isn’t about engaging in the fight (i.e., running ads); it’s about landing punches effectively without shattering your piggy bank. Larger companies are able to throw around their sizeable budgets, dominating the advertising landscape and crowding out the smaller contenders. So, how do smaller businesses punch above their weight without the corresponding financial muscle?

The answer lies not in outspending the competition, but outsmarting them through a strategic pivot towards appointment setting.

Let’s break down this strategy:

1. Change the Direction

While it’s natural to focus on new lead generation through platforms like Google Ads, it might be more beneficial to shift your focus towards converting the leads you already have into appointments. This reorientation not only helps optimise your marketing spend but also allows for better engagement with your leads.

2. Designate Appointment Setters

Having dedicated personnel whose only responsibility is to convert leads into appointments can make all the difference. These ‘terriers’ of your business should be tenacious, chasing leads until they’ve set an appointment.

3. Ramp up the Numbers

A key advantage of focusing on appointment setting is the potential for exponential growth. Small increments in the number of appointments booked can lead to large increases in profit. Thus, the focus shifts from lead generation to lead conversion, which is where the real value lies.

4. Invest in Quality, not Quantity

In the world of digital marketing, more isn’t always better. The goal should be to maximise the return from each lead, which often means prioritising the quality of engagement over the quantity of leads. In the end, it’s not about having the most leads, but about making the most of each one.

5. Remember your Target

While it’s easy to get caught up in the competitive landscape of Google Ads, remember that your primary goal is to scale up your business. The focus should always be on your business growth, not on competing with the Goliaths on Google Ads.


So, is it time for a strategic pivot in your business? Remember, the story of David and Goliath teaches us that the outcome isn’t determined by who has the most resources, but by who uses their resources the smartest.

It’s time for your business to wield its slingshot.

Ben Collins

Author Ben Collins

Meet Ben Collins, the founder of Fullscale Digital and seasoned expert in home improvement lead generation. With years of experience, he excels in crafting effective marketing strategies. Ben's deep industry knowledge and talent for targeting the right audience ensure successful campaigns. His expertise connects businesses with high-quality leads, turning them into loyal customers. For impactful lead generation and revenue growth in home improvement, Ben is your go-to professional.

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